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Company Profile

Do Bhai Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a Bikaner, Rajasthan based real estate company. Do Bhai Developers is synonymous with global standards, new generation work spaces and life styles. The company is the diversified group with a significant presence in the field of Real Estate Trading and Development. With years of experience and a strong technical and financial standing we manage to gain the trust and confidence of our customers. Efficiency and Integrity are the corner stone of this organization, where the energy of youth rubs shoulders with wealth of experienced professionals, reflecting the creativity and progress of the organization. The company's vistas are endless. We stand like beacon , like leading the way in the process to change the way people dream their home and establishments.

In the supremely dynamic and competitive sphere of property development, one name has consistently been a trail blazer, setting the trends for others to follow. The innovation-led, future-focused Do Bhai Developers Pvt. Ltd. Established in December 2010 by Mr. Nirmal Kamra, the company has been the pioneering force behind the rapidly changing skyline of West India, with developments that span the residential, retail, commercial and education sectors.

In just 5 years, the group, with the spirit of innovation at its core, has carved a niche for itself as an industry benchmark for quality, customer focus, robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics and the unswerving commitment to timeless values and total transparency in every aspect of its business. These exceptional attributes have made Do Bhai Developers one of Bikaner’s most preferred real estate brands.

As part of its diversified portfolio that is cumulatively spread over 2 million sq. ft. under various stages of construction in residential, retail, office, and townships in the high-growth urban centres. Under residential segment, Do Bhai Developers offers villas, row houses, super luxuryfarm houses, and semi-luxury Apartments.

Do Bhai Developers has also changed the Residential space landscape with a host of premium & ultra-modern apparments.

While all our projects bear the hallmark of architectural and technological innovation, what sets them apart is the strong vision of the company, based on enduring values such as Punctuality, Quality, Reliability, Speed and Transparency (PQRST), and superior execution capability..


Do Bhai Developers Pvt Ltd is known for its transformative Residential Commercial and Mix use Development in major Bikaner . "Our number one focus is that our buildings are vehicles as well as symbols of opportunity." Our main goal is to develop profits that transforms community.

Chronological History

  • Foundation- 2010
  • Sri Sai Villa - 2010
  • Sri Sai Farm House - 2011
  • Sri Sai Vihar - 2012
  • Sri Sai Appartment - 2012
  • Sri Sai Industrial Estate - 2012
  • Satya Shakun Villa - 2013
  • Laxmi Vihar - 2013
  • Sri Chandra Krishna Garden - 2015

DBD Vision

To contribute significantly in building new Bikaner and become India's most valuable real. Estate Company.

DBD Mission

Customer Service:

We direct all of our efforts toward our customers – both internally and externally- to understand, anticipate, and satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner both as a company and as individuals.

Initiative and Leadership:

We encourage and reward entrepreneurial behavior, leading by example, prudent risk-taking; and we seek to foster an atmosphere of respect and empowerment for all employees.


We will seek and share all information necessary and relevant to complete our jobs to the best of our ability.

Training and Development:

We encourage and support all employees to realize their full professional potential. We will provide training and educational programs to develop technical, project management, interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.

Organisational Values

Our founder Mr Nirmal karma is a man of ethics and believe in

  • Honesty and Integrity:

    We always do what is right, fair, and ethical.

  • Communication:

    We share appropriate information in an honest and open manner.

  • Respect:

    We are considerate of others through the use of appropriate behavior.

  • Teamwork:

    We encourage and reward teamwork.

  • Quality:

    We strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible consistent with the goals of the project.

  • Attitude:

    We are positive, enthusiastic, and have a vibrant spirit.

  • Entrepreneurial:

    We encourage creativity, flexibility, and innovative approaches to our work.

  • Leadership/Initiative:

    We lead by example. Our actions speak louder than words.

  • Professional Development and Personal Skills:

    We advance our talents and skills to their fullest potential (as individuals, as professionals and as managers of others.)

  • Accountability:

    We are responsible for our actions and understand their impact on others.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

    We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (internally and externally) by anticipating , understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.

Do Bhai Developers Founder CEO Profile

Nirmal Kamra is an Indian entrepreneur born in Anoopgarh, in Rajasthan. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Do Bhai Developers Pvt. Ltd. He bought assets of Do Bhai Developers Pvt. Ltd. and started the company to profits. Mr Nirmal Kamra owns Do Bhai Developers Pvt. Ltd. with a multi-billion Dollar Development portfolio of Luxury Villas, High Rise Commercial and Residential Properties in Bikaner. He is a man of great vision and enterprise, having led his company for a decade. He has proved the competency and capabilities of the Indian housing and infrastructure field. It is under Mr. Nirmal Kamra’s mentorship that Do Bhai Developers Pvt. Ltd. Group has emerged as one of the best real estate company in Bikaner. His undoing passion for scaling greater height and setting even higher standards have resulted in the group gaining and great achievement. As the C.E.O. and chief mentor of the group, Mr. Nirmal kamra has inspired his team to do the same and continues to motivate them by undoing his expertise for over all growth and upliftment of the company Mr. Nirmal Kamra strongly believes that for an organization to be a market leader, it must be costumer focused. He has inculcated a culture of excellence and innovation with in the company, which has given its people a competitive edge.

CEO Vision

Mr. Nirmal Kamra is not only an excellent entrepreneur but a gift of god for Bikaner real estate sector. His path breaking strategy for inclusive growth with farmers and his entrepreneurial venture to set up real estate business bought a new era of real estate development by private developers. Being a straight forward man his honesty and generosity won for him a very high degree of credibility within a short time in Bikaner. Subsequently in past few years he has become synonymous with credit worthiness and his real estate business is still flourishing in Bikaner. Do Bhai Developers is a full service real estate development and management company. Our Objective is to be a profitable leader in commercial, retail and residential real estate. We will serve our customer’s needs and will consistently produce and manage good projects. We believe in team work, innovation, professionalism, and long term division making. We endeavor to preserve enhance our reputation for integrity through our action.

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